Help Them Soar

by Stefan Morton

Stefan Morton joined the aviation community about 6 years ago as a student pilot. However, he has always wanted to become a pilot and was bitten by the ‘‘aviation bug’ at the age of 11. Prior to becoming an instructor for the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation he has gained various experiences improving the aviation community while actively participating in it. During his time with the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation, he has helped mold some young aviators in achieving their goals through quality instruction that strives for excellence. 

Stefan received his Private Pilot Certificate from Middle Georgia State University. Three years after, he graduated from ATP Flight School, where he received his Instrument Rating, Commercial ASEL/AMEL, CFI, CFII, and MEI in 8 months. Stefan’s end aviation goal is to become a part of the improvements of safety and integrity of the aviation industry through positive changes. As he progresses through his aviation career, his goal is to become a designated pilot examiner. When Stefan is not flying, he likes to spend free time focusing on improving his small business, spending time with family and friends, and outdoor activities.