Help Them Soar

by Jared Savage

Jared Savage was born and raised in Compton, California, where his interest as a pilot began. He was raised by his mother and grandmother and grew up with his twin. Often watching the Koala Brothers, his interest in aviation was ignited at a young age. He would often look in the sky as he drove past airports, fascinated by all of the planes. During his senior year of high school, Jared obtained his private pilot license at the age of 18, the same year he was accepted to Tuskegee University.

Jared currently serves as the foundation’s chief pilot, where he has overseen the establishment of the scholarship in Tuskegee, mentors, and trains multiple pilots, and continues to work on a daily basis to grow the foundation. He also serves as the youngest flight instructor for the scholarship and is finishing his senior year of college. After obtaining his degree in mathematics, with a minor in physics, he plans to attend graduate school before he transitions to the airlines. In his spare time, Jared works as a resident assistant, loves to play Xbox, and values community service.