Ready to Soar

by Daniel Croom

It was at that ripe age of five years old that Daniel decided to become a pilot. Daniel Croom was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated from Newton High school as a 4-year Varsity baseball player. His hard work and determination eventually earned him an athletic scholarship at Tuskegee University. Daniel graduated with a Sales and Marketing degree in 2018. Being a student-athlete taught him all about discipline and persistence, qualities that applied not only to all areas of academia but also toward his first love: becoming a pilot.

Shortly after graduating college, Daniel joined the scholarship and managed to earn his Private Pilot’s License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Rating, CFI, and CFI-I rating in the span of one year. In 2019, he began instructing at Auburn University’s Part 141 flight school for 10 months. Daniel is currently instructing with The Scholarship and working tirelessly towards earning his ATP.