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Success Story: Tommy Turner


My name is Tommy Turner, and I’m a graduate of Auburn University with a bachelor’s in Aviation Management. I’m originally from Dothan, AL with aspirations to become a pilot specifically a military pilot. Throughout my college career and post-college, I’ve engaged in some great opportunities and clubs such as: Black Student Union, Black Pilot Association, and joined a Prince Hall Masonic lodge.

My drive to pursue my Private Pilot License is due to not only my passion to be a pilot, but also because it’s one of the first steps to achieve my career goal in becoming a professional aviator. My passion for flying came way before I even had the opportunity to even get up close to an airplane let alone take a flight in one. It came from 1995 HBO television movie “The Tuskegee Airmen”. I am elated to be considered as a recipient of the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation. I want to thank the sponsors and donors because without their aid I would not have been able to gain some relief with this great financial dedication to fulfill my yearning that I have to become a pilot.


“As soon as Rich Peace and I decided to create the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation we began searching for aspiring young pilots. The first person I knew to speak with was a local flight instructor and good friend of mine named Paul Davis. Paul is the best flight instructor I have ever met, with a wealth of experience, knowledge and blessed with the perfect teaching personality. I told Paul we were beginning a scholarship fund to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen and our goal was to assist young African-Americans in gaining a career in aviation. I explained we would mentor them, guide and provide them some financial assistance and would not stop until they had a paying job in the field. I went on to explain the attributes we were looking for included some amount of intelligence, decent hand-eye coordination, but mostly we were searching for young people who were self-motivated and driven to succeed.  Without hesitating Paul said he had the perfect first candidate for us already and his name is Torius Moore.”

Will Sparrow, Red Tail Scholarship Foundation

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