Ready to Soar

by Jalen Norwood

I am Jalen Norwood. I am a senior in high school at Selma High school in Selma, Alabama. My plans after high school are join the United States Air Force Academy where I plan on majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. After doing four years there I plan on becoming a B-1 bomber pilot for the U.S Air Force, where I plan to serve for twenty years before retiring to become a commercial pilot. I am a shy young man that does his best at everything I do and believe in ” If it can’t be done right it’s not worth doing.” I have been in many programs and organizations through my high school years such as being the Drum Major in my school’s Marching band and a part of the Jazz band, Operations Commander in my JROTC unit, Captain of my JROTC Sabor Team, I am on the Track & Field team, Robotics team, tech team, and a part of the Mayor’s youth city council. I am also a congressional nominee for the service academies represented by Congress woman Ms. Terri Swell.

The reason I want to get my Private Pilot License is, it has always been my dream to fly. I have always, ever since I was a little kid, loved flight and have always wanted to understand it and learn something more, from reading articles of new discoveries to books on flight dynamics. I wanted to join the military because my father served, and I wanted to fall under his footsteps, but to also protect and serve my proud nation. I am happy to receive the Red Tails Scholarship, because it will help me come ever closer to my dream and I thank the committee for considering me to represent the great name of the Red Tails. It has truly has helped me to get my foot in the door to my way to a great career and I hope later in my life I can come back to my home town and help more young women and men come the career field of Aviation.

Thank You!!