Board of Directors


Board of Directors: Sid Clarke


Executive Summary - Extensive experience in Aerospace Defense to include operational planning, execution, and management at every command level. A proven record of achievement during both peacetime training and robust combat operational environments. A respected leader, diplomat, effective communicator with specific expertise in:

- Defense aerospace

- Combat operations

- Planning and programming

- International sales

- Strategic planning

- Capitol Hill liaison

Experience and expertise in air combat, mobility, logistics, intelligence, cyber, strategic airpower, and most importantly, developing Airmen. I am very familiar with homeland operations including air defense and natural disaster response. I have served overseas in a variety of capacities including time as a combat wing commander and Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché. After serving in uniform I served as a senior mentor to a middle-east client and as Chairman of the Board for Armed Forces Insurance. I am also a defense industry consultant and a USAF Adjunct Contract Professor.



Wide spectrum of knowledge from the tactical to the strategic level.


Former Instructor at the USAF’s premiere school for combat operations.


CFACC for air defense over the nation’s homeland successfully accomplishing over 200 air intercepts in one 12 month period. Wide spectrum of aerospace defense knowledge with command experience at every level. Despite fiscally constrained budgets, a proven record of putting resources to requirements for mission success. Adept leadership culminating in assignment as the Director of the Air National Guard.

Combat Opertaions

410 Air Expeditionary Wing Commander – planned, organized, and led over 3,000 airmen during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Built two airbases and commanded operations for two months with exceptional results. Hailed as the “best fighter wing commander in theatre” by the CENTAF Command

Planning and Programming

Developed three Fiscal Year Defense Plans for the Air National Guard that programmed over eight billion dollars a year for the sustainment and modernization of 89 wings in all 50 states. As the Deputy A8 on the Air Staff, developed the Total Force Integration plan used by Air Force Senior Leadership for engagements with the National Guard and Congress.

International Sales

Ensured the successful sale of six Chinook Helicopters and numerous maritime programs to the Turkish military. Held numerous meetings and hosted engagements by all parties including the US Ambassador and the Turkish General Staff in order to facilitate transactions.

Strategic Planning

Created a strategic plan for 1st Air Force providing guidance for continuous improvement. Key participant in Air Force corporate structure deliberations providing Total Force insights to senior leaders. Trusted advisor and briefer for over 12 executive level Air Force Corona sessions and over 15 Adjutants General senior leader conferences.

Capitol Hill Liaison

During a period of drastic budget reductions adversely affecting multiple entities, created a comprehensive engagement plan ensuring buy-in and trust of congressional committee members and key staffers.


Building future leaders in the Aviation Industry.

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