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Success Story: joshua Gaston


The unwillingness to educate oneself will lead to failure, disbelief, and ignorance. A wise guy will not look at how far fetch the stars are but how to reach them. The yearning for knowledge and adventure has given me the fortitude to follow my interests and reach for goals that seem impossible. My name is Joshua Gaston and I am a dual major of Aerospace Science Engineering and Physics. I aspire to graduate at Tuskegee University as Summa Cum Laude and use the information gained from Tuskegee University to become an Astronaut. I have had the opportunity to intern with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and to present my research at the Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference. While at Tuskegee University, I have been able to accomplish the following achievements: Tuskegee University Honors Student, 4.0 GPA Eminent Scholar, Bioethics Honors Program, Calculus 1 and 2 lead tutor, and Red Tail Scholarship Foundation Recipient.

Becoming a pilot is not only a physical, mental, and emotional challenge but a financial challenge as well. Many underprivileged students, like myself, would not have a chance to achieve my dream without assistance from others. With the assistance of the Red Tail Scholarship, I can achieve my dream and continue the legacy started by the original Red Tails. I would like to thank the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation and its sponsors for selecting, mentoring, and supporting me in this process. They have open new doors for students wanting to fly and given them opportunities they thought they would never have. Their generosity will not be forgotten and once I obtain my Private Pilot License, I will help the new recipients in every way possible.


“As soon as Rich Peace and I decided to create the Red Tail Scholarship Foundation we began searching for aspiring young pilots. The first person I knew to speak with was a local flight instructor and good friend of mine named Paul Davis. Paul is the best flight instructor I have ever met, with a wealth of experience, knowledge and blessed with the perfect teaching personality. I told Paul we were beginning a scholarship fund to honor the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen and our goal was to assist young African-Americans in gaining a career in aviation. I explained we would mentor them, guide and provide them some financial assistance and would not stop until they had a paying job in the field. I went on to explain the attributes we were looking for included some amount of intelligence, decent hand-eye coordination, but mostly we were searching for young people who were self-motivated and driven to succeed.  Without hesitating Paul said he had the perfect first candidate for us already and his name is Torius Moore.”

Will Sparrow, Red Tail Scholarship Foundation

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