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In the United States, African Americans comprise 13.6 percent of the population. However, the number of minority pilots in both commercial and military aviation continually hovers around 2 percent. An alarming statistic, one that The Red Tail Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to change. From the history of the renowned Tuskegee Airman, the state of Alabama has a distinct past in the story of aviation. Before 1940, African Americans were barred from flying for the U.S. military. It was not until the establishment of a program to train African Americans to fly and maintain combat aircraft that minority pilots took flight. This select group of Tuskegee Airman became known as the “Red Tails,” and were the first African Americans trained by the military and permitted to engage in combat operations. These brave pilots possessed unwavering courage, professionalism, and patriotism which has defined much of our aviation history. Our goal is to find qualified, motivated students who demonstrate all of the values that the original Tuskegee Airman embodied and give them the tools necessary to succeed in this competitive career field.


  • A program where we provide funding, mentorship, and resources to deserving African American high-school and college students who demonstrate an interest in careers as pilots, or other aviation career fields.
  • A program where we intend to increase the percentage of African American pilots, aeronautical engineers, airframe and power plant mechanics, and avionics technicians.
  • A program where students can obtain an FAA private pilot’s license, with potential for subsequent support for advanced pilot ratings and/or certifications as an aircraft mechanic.

Building future leaders in the Aviation Industry.


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